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The Attack on Religious Liberty is an Attack on All Our Freedoms

More than two hundred years ago, the Founding Fathers changed the world by imbedding the fundamental human right to religious freedom in the Constitution. That right now hangs by a thread. Read More ›
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China Launches App to Report ‘Mistaken Opinion’

China is busy erecting what may become the most efficient and effective despotism in history, using modern technology as the means toward the end of imposing total obedience and conformity among the Chinese people. Read More ›
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Ezekiel Emanuel Pushes National Vaccine Mandate

Ever the autocrat, Obamacare architect and Biden health-care adviser Ezekiel Emanuel has co-authored a call in the New York Times for vaccine mandates. Read More ›
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WHO Promotes ‘World One Health’ Globalization Treaty

The World Health Organization has failed miserably in the COVID crisis — covering for China’s blatant misfeasance and badly muddling public-health communication. So, of course, it wants more power. The WHO wants us to prepare for future pandemics with a “One Health” international treaty that would foster globalized government. From the WHO press release pushing for “an all of government, all of society approach” to pandemic prevention. Read More ›
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Does Mask Efficacy Justify Universal Mandates?

I have never thought that opposing mask mandates was a hill to die on, as the interference on personal liberty is relatively minimal. But I don’t think that universal mandates are justified empirically or worth the adverse political ramifications they cause. Read More ›