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Nina Shea on the Chinese Communist Party, Minority Rights, and Religious Freedom

Wesley J. Smith
Nina Shea
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Since the Holocaust, we have agreed to the idealistic vision of “Never Again,” that is, the kind of evil perpetrated by the Third Reich against Jews and others can never be allowed to be repeated. But do we mean it? Today, the Chinese Communist Party is carrying out what can only be described as “Fourth Reich” policies to suppress religion in China and oppress the county’s ethnic minorities. Active genocide is being committed against the Uighur Muslim community, including mass imprisonment in concentration camps, forced relocation throughout the country into what amounts to chattel slavery. Women are forced into abortions and sterilized. Children are removed from homes to boarding schools, where they are indoctrinated in communist ideology and prevented from learning about the faith of their parents.

Meanwhile, Falon Gong practitioners have been disappeared into prisons and are the victims of tissue-typing and organ harvesting, that is strip mined for the thriving private organ market in China. China’s social credit system is imposing one of the most effective tyrannies against personal liberty and individual freedom—targeting Christians in particular—using advanced technology such as facial recognition, artificial intelligence, and voice recognition technologies. In Tibet, China is committing cultural genocide against Tibetan Buddhism.

Wesley’s guest in this episode is human rights attorney, Nina Shea, a renowned international expert on religious freedom and the human rights atrocities being committed by the CCP. In their very disturbing—but essential—conversation, they discuss the known facts about—and nature of—the anti-religious pogroms committed actively in China, as well as how the international community has willfully turning a blind eye. It is an crucial discussion for anyone who cares about human liberty and the rule of law.

Shea directs the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, which maintains an international focus on preserving and protecting religious liberty. She undertakes scholarship and advocacy in defense of those persecuted for their religious beliefs and identities and advocates on behalf of diplomatic measures to end religious repression and violence abroad, whether from state actors or extremist groups.

Shea was appointed by the U.S. House of Representatives to serve seven terms as a Commissioner on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (June 1999 – March 2012). During the Soviet era, Shea’s first client before the United Nations was Soviet Nobel Peace Laureate Andrei Sakharov. Since then, she has been appointed as a U.S. delegate to the United Nation’s main human rights body by both Republican and Democratic administrations.

She regularly presents testimony before Congress, delivers public lectures, organizes briefings and conferences, and writes frequently on religious freedom issues. Her writings have appeared in the Wall Street JournalWashington PostCQ ResearcherWeekly StandardNational Review OnlineCNN, FoxThe Daily BeastHuffingtonPost, and RealClearWorld, among others. Her most recent book, which she also co-authored, is Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2013).

Wesley starts the interview by quoting Shea as writing about the Chinese government that: “The ultimate goal is to eradicate religion by either squeezing or crushing it out.” After listening to Shea it is clear that she was not exaggerating. The question is thus presented: What, if anything, are we willing to do about it?