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Genetic Manipulation

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An Example of Ethical Human Genetic Engineering

Our pal Andrew Stuttaford tweeted a story about a CRISPR genetic engineering experiment from the Financial Times. I checked it out, and given the frequent criticisms I have penned here about sometimes out-of-control biotechnological research, I thought it was worth a few moments to illustrate how much of what is being done is perfectly ethical. Read More ›
New York State Capitol Building, Albany

New York to Stop Funding Embryonic-Stem-Cell Research

Oh, the screaming we heard about embryonic stem cells during the George W. Bush presidency. Those who opposed wide-open federal funding were branded “anti-science,” and delusional for claiming that adult stem cells offered the better promise of treatments. Read More ›
Embryos frozen in liquid nitrogen for IVF procedure close up

Scientists Make Human-Monkey Hybrid Embryos

They said they wouldn’t do it, but of course they did. Scientists working in China — where else? — have constructed embryos that are part human and part monkey. Read More ›
A transgender flag being waved at LGBT gay pride march

‘Very Low’ Evidence for Blocking Puberty of Gender-Dysphoric Children

I am no fan of the United Kingdom’s health advisory board, known as NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). But there is one thing about which you can rest assured. It ain’t a religious fundamentalist organization. Read More ›
Dripping reagent into test tube with liquid sample, closeup. Laboratory analysis
Dripping reagent into test tube with liquid sample, closeup. Laboratory analysis

Ban Germ-Line Genetically Engineered Babies

When a scientist in China proudly announced the birth of the first germ-line genetically engineered babies — meaning the alterations would flow down the generations — there was a firestorm. But notably, despite the screaming and arrest of the scientist by China (as if the authorities in the great tyranny didn’t know what he was up to), nothing was done to legally prevent other researchers from using the CRISPR technique to genetically engineer embryos and/or bring them to birth. Read More ›