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Human Rights

Los Angeles homeless camp

UN-Sponsored Report Would Destroy Communities by Gutting Criminal Law

If you like the chaos and criminality unleashed in some of our greatest cities by progressive district attorneys refusing to enforce the criminal law, you will love the “reforms” a new UN-sponsored report advocates for the entire world. Read More ›
Small flags of the World Health Organization WHO on an abstract blurry background

Transforming WHO into a Public-Health Technocracy

In the name of preventing and fighting pandemics, the Biden administration and international entities are negotiating an agreement that would establish a public-health technocracy. Read More ›
Couple holding hands with marriage counselor

The Respect for Marriage Act Would Allow the State to Regulate Domestic Relations

I have been puzzled about the urgency to pass the Respect for Marriage Act before the end of the current Congress. Despite Justice Thomas’s dictum in his Dobbs concurrence that Obergefell (which created a constitutional right to same-sex marriage) should be overturned, I cannot discern a reason to force such a case onto the Court’s docket. If some traditional-marriage activists tried to do so, they would almost surely fail, but even if four Justices eventually voted to hear such a case, it would be years before the matter would be ripe for ultimate adjudication. So, why the rush? In part, I think it is to enable immediate federal regulation of marriage law. Bureaucrats can’t promulgate rules based on a Supreme Court ruling: They need an enabling statute. Enter the RFMA. By federalizing marital law, the Congress could unleash the power of the administrative state over an area of domestic relations where the federal government has heretofore had little direct power. Imagine the consequences.

homeless encampment

The United States of Social Anarchy

Can you sense it? Do you feel the dread? Institutions are failing. Cohesion has frayed. As the poet wrote, the center cannot hold, the best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity. Our country is becoming the United States of Social Anarchy. Read More ›

The World Rages at Russia’s Evil Actions — but Shrugs at China’s

Ukraine is the immediate crisis, to be sure. But over the long term, the Middle Kingdom poses a far greater peril. Our policies going forward need to reflect that threatening reality. Read More ›
United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres in Gaza

UN Secretary General Betrays Human Rights by Attending Beijing Olympics

China is the world’s most vicious tyranny. But for all its wrongdoing, the country faces virtually no accountability. To the contrary, China is treated as a respected member of the international community, even granted the honor of hosting the Winter Olympics, which start on Feb. 4. Read More ›
A transgender flag being waved at LGBT gay pride march

Do Transgender Women Have a ‘Right to Gestate’?

Bioethics discourse is moving in an ever increasingly radical direction. One recent and recurring theme is that biological men who identify as women should have a “right to gestate,” that is, to obtain uterus transplants so they can become pregnant and give birth (probably via caesarian section.) One animal experiment has already been conducted toward this end. Read More ›