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Asking Questions Demonstrates Human Exceptionalism

One of the unique attributes of humans is that we ask questions. Not just straightforward questions, like “What’s for dinner?” but deep questions, like “What is the meaning of life?”  Read More ›
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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Anti-Suicide Walk Ignores Assisted Suicide

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is holding an overnight walk in Washington, D.C., on June 3 to fight suicide. From the “Why We Walk” promotion for “Out of the Darkness“: As you walk over 16 miles from dusk till dawn, you’ll find support and understanding in a community of others affected by suicide. Together, we will help put a stop to this leading cause of death. That’s great. But do the ads or promotional material even mention that Washington, D.C., legalized assisted suicide several years ago? Do they mention that people who ask for assisted suicide are almost never offered suicide prevention? And do they mention that studies are now showing a connection between assisted-suicide legalization and increasing suicide rates generally? Do the walk materials mention the issue at all? Not that I could find. In fact, the AFSP’s website apparently never mentions the issue at all — even though assisted suicide is one of our most contentious public-policy controversies. I searched for “assisted suicide,” “medical aid in dying,” and “MAID” and came up empty. Unless I missed it, the Foundation either ignores the issue altogether or hides it so deep in the bowels of its website that it is unfindable. I don’t mean to pick on the AFSP. Most suicide-prevention organizations ignore the assisted-suicide-advocacy elephant in the room. Perhaps they are afraid of controversy. Perhaps they aren’t really opposed to assisted suicide, which would make them pro-some suicides. Indeed, one such organization has actually recommended those who ask for assisted suicide should not be offered suicide prevention! To be true to their calling, anti-suicide organizations should oppose all suicides and should work publicly against laws that permit its facilitation. Failing to do so is an abdication of the life-saving responsibilities that these organizations have assumed.

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Prof: We Shouldn’t Necessarily Value Humans Over Other Animals

New York University environmentalism prof Jeff Sebo, co-author of Chimpanzee Rights (2018), sees human exceptionalism (the idea that there is something unique about human beings) as a danger to humans and other life forms. He does not think that we should necessarily prioritize humans over animals: Read More ›
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Donna Rice Hughes Warns about Obscenity Crisis

I have launched a new podcast through the Discovery Institute called Humanize — “where human rights meet human responsibilities” — in which I converse with thinkers and activists about issues germane to human dignity and our moral duties to each other, animals, and the environment. Read More ›
Ibram X. Kendi (American University) June 16, 2017

Kendi: Election of Obama Harmful to Racial Equity

Ibram X. Kendi is the intellectual leader of the new “anti-racist” movement. Don’t let the name fool you. Anti-racist does not really want to end the great evil, but redirect racial distinctions and wield them invidiously against people not of color. As Kendi has written, “The only remedy to racial discrimination is antiracist discrimination.” Swell. Read More ›
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The Perils of Declaring Racism a ‘Public Health Emergency’

With COVID-19 apparently on the wane, the technocrats who eagerly seized upon the pandemic to justify hobbling American liberty now advocate declaring racism a “public health emergency.” Read More ›
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Boycott the All-Star Game!

In a brazen act of cultural imperialism, Major League Baseball withdrew the 2021 All Star-Game from Atlanta.Why make such a drastic change mere months before the great game? COVID? No. A failure of Atlanta to adequately prepare for the game? No. MLB flexed its financial muscles to punish Georgia for passing a voting rights law that did not suit the sensibilities of it Woke leadership. Read More ›
Black Lives Matter Protest in Auburn, WA (June 2, 2020)

Why We Can’t Have ‘an Honest Conversation about Race’

We always hear that the U.S. has to engage “a deep and honest conversation about race.” That’s good. We need to work out how to move past our nation’s greatest historical failing. But “conversation” doesn’t mean what it used to. Read More ›
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An Amazon Book Burning

Book burning has always been a crucial ingredient of totalitarianism. In the 1930s the German Student Union infamously made bonfires from books considered antithetical to National Socialism. Similarly, the zealots who executed Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution destroyed books opposed to the diktats of Chinese Communism. Read More ›