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assisted suicide

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Canadian Death Doctor Has Euthanized Hundreds of Patients

Legalizing euthanasia corrupts everything — the ethics of medicine, the public's perception of people experiencing illness, disability, or elder frailty, the media that continually swoon over medics who kill. This latter phenomenon is on vivid display in a National Post story. Read More ›
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Disabled Canadian Euthanized Because of Poor Care/Bed Sore

A man with quadriplegia in Canada received such poor care that he developed a huge and painful bed sore. The answer: Lethal injection. Quebec's chief coroner promises an investigation. Don't expect much to come of it. Read More ›
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Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association Plans to Surrender to Assisted-Suicide Agenda

When Dame Cecily Saunders created the modern hospice movement, she adamantly rejected assisted suicide as an acceptable hospice activity. Saunders would be spinning in her grave if she read the proposed policy around assisted suicide that has been published by the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA). Read More ›
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Bill Would Require Federal Funds to Pay for Assisted Suicide

The use of federal funds to cover any costs associated with assisted suicide is currently against the law based on a bill signed in 1997 by President Bill Clinton after Oregon's lethal law went into effect. Now, a new bill has been introduced to force Medicare, the VA, and the federal share of Medicaid to cover expenses associated with assisted suicide. Read More ›
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European Court: Assisted Suicide Not a Human Right

Back in 1997, the euthanasia movement tried to gain an assisted-suicide Roe v. Wade. It didn’t work out. The Supreme Court instead ruled in Glucksberg v. Washington 9–0 that there is no constitutional right to assisted suicide. Now, some 27 years later, the European Court of Human Rights has issued a similar ruling. Read More ›
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Euthanize Me, or I’ll Starve Myself to Death

In Canada, an autistic 27-year-old suicidal woman known as M.V. — whose judicially approved euthanasia was delayed until at least October by her father's claim that she does not qualify — is now starving herself to emotionally blackmail the court into allowing her to be killed expeditiously. Read More ›
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Bioethicists Want to Rule the World!

Bioethics has always been about granting "experts" in the field tremendous influence over public policy. And now, one of the most prominent practitioners in the field — the president and CEO of the Hastings Center Report, a prestigious bioethics journal — has urged that bioethicists expand their "expert" advocacy to issues of "global" importance. Read More ›
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Wesley J. Smith Makes the Case Against Assisted Suicide on Chicago’s Morning Answer

Wesley J. Smith appeared on Chicago's Morning Answer with Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson on Tuesday morning to make the case against assisted suicide. Read More ›
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Mark Davis Pickup on Living with Intense Suffering and Experiencing a Miraculous Healing

We live in a time in which eliminating suffering is considered by many to be society’s ultimate purpose. Too often, this leads to policies that eliminate suffering by eliminating the sufferer. Still, for those not experiencing intense pain or anguish, arguing for improved care instead of increased access to assisted suicide or euthanasia can seem like a blithe platitude. “If Read More ›

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Normalizing Assisted Suicide Will Lead to a Duty to Die

Euthanasia isn't really about compassion but fear of decline and a loathing of dependency — and of those experiencing them. That nasty truth has become abundantly clear with a new column published in the Times of London. Read More ›