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Wesley J. Smith

A transgender flag being waved at LGBT gay pride march

Unleash the Trial Lawyers to End Mutilation of Gender-Dysphoric Children

The Biden administration, many state governments, and the medical establishment are all pushing “gender-affirming care” as the only humane means of treating children who believe they are not the sex they were born. This so-called care includes radical interventions such as puberty blocking, mastectomies, facial surgeries, and even genital removal for teenagers. Read More ›
The dead fish

Pope Supports Classifying ‘Ecocide’ as an International Crime

The ecocide movement seeks to make environmental despoliation an international crime that can land the perpetrator — usually depicted as a corporate CEO, but also government leaders — into the dock at The Hague. Read More ›
Dripping reagent into test tube with liquid sample, closeup. Laboratory analysis
Dripping reagent into test tube with liquid sample, closeup. Laboratory analysis

Animal Testing Discovers New Antibody Component for Fight Against COVID

The animal-rights movement lies when it claims that research using animals offers no human benefit. But the propaganda is having an impact. According to Gallup, a whopping 39 percent of Americans believe that animal research is not moral, versus 56 percent who think it is. In 2019, only 51 percent found it moral. Read More ›
desperate man in silhouette sitting on the bed with hands on head

Autonomy or Abandoning the Mentally Ill?

A U.K. woman with anorexia is in danger of starving to death and courts there will not allow force-feeding to save her life because she has decision-making capacity. Read More ›