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Night view of the Supreme Court Building in Washington, United States

Conservatives, Not LGBT, Most Threatened by Businesses Refusing Service

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that it’s unconstitutional for Colorado to punish a commercial designer for refusing to create a same-sex wedding website in violation of her Christian beliefs. Read More ›
transgender flag hand
transgender flag in the palm of the hand.

The Transgender Tide Is Turning

The time has come for an intense but mutually respectful societal conversation that focuses not only on the causes of transgenderism and the potential benefits of transitioning such people, but also the many risks and alternatives that can care compassionately for suffering people while maintaining cultural equilibrium. Our future thriving requires nothing less. Read More ›
Pope in the church. Back view

Equality Act’s Attack on Religious Liberty, Medical Conscience

President Biden said during the campaign that he supported the Equality Act, which is being sold as a means of guaranteeing equality for LGBT people. But it does more than that. It would destroy medical conscience by removing existing protections that permit doctors and nurses to refuse participation in abortion, and it would gut the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Read More ›