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The Lancet: You Are ‘Hardly Human’ If You Don’t Believe in the International Community

The Lancet's editor in chief, Richard Horton, is furious at people who don't believe in the international community. The "system" is failing, he says — and it's the fault of evil right-wingers. Why, oh, why, Horton moans, are people so unwilling to docilely follow the lead of international institutions? Read More ›
Team of doctors preparing for surgery, patient POV
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No, Doctors Shouldn’t Make Treatment Decisions for Incompetent Patients

Cardiologist and New York Times columnist Sandeep Jauhar has published a piece advocating that doctors and bioethicists be empowered to force treatment on some patients. He writes in the context of wanting to compel hospitalization on a schizophrenic patient with serious heart problems. From "Doctors Need a Better Way to Treat Patients Without Their Consent:" Read More ›
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What Comes after Transgender? Doctor Amputates Man’s Healthy Fingers

I have long predicted that normalizing transgender surgeries would be followed eventually by doctors intentionally disabling patients with Body Identity Integrity Disorder (BIID). Well, here it comes. A doctor in Quebec "treated" a BIID patient by amputating two of his healthy fingers. Read More ›
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Beware the “Right to Health”

Health and wellness are becoming the primary justifications for international technocracy, or "rule by experts." Indeed, we are told that preventing the next pandemic will require that the World Health Organization be given the power to declare pandemics and impose emergency policies internationally. Read More ›