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Embryos frozen in liquid nitrogen for IVF procedure close up

‘Anything Goes’ Reproduction Gathers Steam

Medicine isn’t just about wellness and curing illness anymore. It is also a central resource facilitating lifestyle enablement and the fulfillment of subjective personal desires. Cosmetic surgery — as distinguished from restorative procedures — is an obvious example. Read More ›

It’s Not Just COVID: China’s Dubious Scientific Ethics

China has become the world capital of ethically dubious scientific research. Perhaps even that is too tactful. More accurately stated, China is the land where science ethics go to die. Read More ›
man growing up
Man's growing up, kid, boy, guy. concept of human adulthood

An Example of Ethical Human Genetic Engineering

Our pal Andrew Stuttaford tweeted a story about a CRISPR genetic engineering experiment from the Financial Times. I checked it out, and given the frequent criticisms I have penned here about sometimes out-of-control biotechnological research, I thought it was worth a few moments to illustrate how much of what is being done is perfectly ethical. Read More ›