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‘Nullectomy’: Physician-Assisted Mutilation

Wesley J. Smith
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I don’t know how much more of this our culture can take. “Gender-affirming” surgeries are growing increasingly extreme. A source sent me links to websites operated by doctors who perform “bottom surgeries” advertising “genital nullification” — a.k.a. “nullectomy” — procedures that remove genitalia in order to create a “smooth” appearance in the groin.

Here’s the first one (I am not linking, as I wouldn’t want to be even indirectly complicit in anyone’s voluntary butchery):

Your Smooth Bottom Line: Nullectomy, Nullification, Nullo:

Nullectomy is the removal of internal and external genital structures to create a smooth appearance from the abdomen to the groin. Glans (penile or clitoral) and nerve tissue can be “buried” in the mons to retain a focused nerve center for sensation while maintaining a smooth appearance, can remain present as an “outie,” or can be removed.

For someone starting with a penis and testicles, nullectomy can include:

  • penectomy (removal of the penis)
  • orchiectomy (removal of the scrotum)
  • scrotomectomy (removal of the testicles)
  • urethral shortening

For someone starting with a clitoris, vulva, vagina, and uterus (if not already removed,) nullectomy can include:

  • hysterectomy with or without oophorectomy
  • vaginectomy (if a vaginectomy is chosen, a hysterectomy is required)
  • vulvectomy (partial or radical)
  • clitorectomy
  • urethral modification

How filled with self-loathing must one be to subject one’s body to such extreme desecration?

Here’s a pitch for the same procedure from a different doctor:

Gender Nullification

For his gender non-conforming patients, Dr. [name deleted] also performs gender nullification, also known as male to eunuch or “smoothie” procedures. The procedure includes a complete penectomy, orchiectomy, a reduction of the scrotal sac, and shortening of the urethra. The goal is to leave the area as a smooth unbroken transition from the abdomen to the groin.

And here’s one more, from a plastic surgeon who performs both gender-related and more typical cosmetic surgeries. It is discussed under the heading “Non-Binary Surgery”:

Genital Nullification / Nullo
Genital nullification, Nullo, or Eunuch procedures involve removing all external genitalia to create a smooth transition from the abdomen to the groin. In some cases, this involves shortening the urethra. For patients born with a uterus, a hysterectomy is required prior to any genital nullification procedure. Your specific goals can be discussed with one of our surgeons to develop a plan that works for you.

That doctors would actually do such a thing is beyond disgusting. Hippocrates weeps.