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More Proof of China Uyghur Atrocities

Wesley J. Smith
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The BBC is out with a horrific report detailing firsthand accounts of the brutality to which Uyghurs are subjected — particularly women. From the report, “Their goal is to destroy everyone”:

In separate testimony to the Uyghur Human Rights Project, Sedik said she heard about an electrified stick being inserted into women to torture them — echoing the experience Ziawudun described.

There were “four kinds of electric shock”, Sedik said — “the chair, the glove, the helmet, and anal rape with a stick”.

“The screams echoed throughout the building,” she said. “I could hear them during lunch and sometimes when I was in class.”

Another teacher forced to work in the camps, Sayragul Sauytbay, told the BBC that “rape was common” and the guards “picked the girls and young women they wanted and took them away”.

She described witnessing a harrowing public gang rape of a woman of just 20 or 21, who was brought before about 100 other detainees to make a forced confession.

“After that, in front of everyone, the police took turns to rape her,” Sauytbay said.

“While carrying out this test, they watched people closely and picked out anyone who resisted, clenched their fists, closed their eyes, or looked away, and took them for punishment.”

The young woman cried out for help, Sauytbay said.

“It was absolutely horrendous,” she said. “I felt I had died. I was dead.”

This is harrowing stuff, from which we cannot turn away.

We should also remember context. Uygurs are sent throughout China as part of a forced-labor program. Falun Gong are organ-harvested to supply the black market. Tibetan Buddhism is being subjected to cultural genocide. The pernicious social-credit system targets Christians, among others.

China’s government is evil. And yet, it offers the world huge business opportunities, and American business behemoths — which threaten to boycott states that pass Religious Freedom Restoration Act laws — happily benefit from doing business with a truly despotic system.

Some of these same companies cancel the accounts of people who make comments disagreeing with transgender ideology. Talk about splinters and logs!

Bottom line. If Big Tech and other businesses made clear that China had to change or they would pull out, China would at least ameliorate its worst brutality. But they don’t, and probably won’t. That’s on them!