vaccination to a child
vaccination to a child
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D.C. to Legalize Vaccination of 11-Year-Olds Without Parental OK

Wesley J. Smith
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Progressives think the state is better at raising children than parents. For example, in California and some other states, children can obtain abortions without parental knowledge.

Now, Washington, D.C.’s uber-leftwing city council has passed a bill permitting children down to age 11 to obtain vaccinations–i.e., medical interventions–without parental knowledge or consent. From the Epoch Times story:

Bill 23-171 would allow for children as young as 11 to consent to all vaccines on the government schedule. At the same time, the school, health care provider, and the parent’s private insurance would conceal the child’s vaccination from parents or guardians—who would have no knowledge of the vaccination unless the child told them.

The bill states that the minor must be “capable of meeting the informed consent standard,” which would be determined by a physician.

The law expands the existing scope of schools/doctors ability to impose medical interventions on children without parental participation beyond sexual matters:

Under existing D.C. law, minors over the age of 12 can consent—without parental permission—to health care and medical procedures including mental health, contraceptive services, prenatal care, and abortions.

However, the existing law is almost exclusively related to sexual issues and is narrow compared to what the new bill would open up, said Dawn Richardson, director of advocacy of the National Vaccine Information Center, which tracks vaccine-related health issues.

The arrogance could choke a dinosaur. By definition, an 11-year-old is incapable of informed consent. Good grief, getting a vaccine wouldn’t even be these children’s idea.

The only means of escape for parents would seem to be private schools or homeschooling. Unsurprisingly, progressives are implacably opposed to those approaches to education too when generally unfettered by the state, and I suspect would move to ban home schooling if they thought they could get away with it (as has been done in a few European countries).

Progressives can’t stand it when parents decide on what is best for their own children if it conflicts with progressive agendas. In short, progressives insist on control.

The bill must have a second reading and pass one more vote, expected on November 10.