Dramatic Sunset over San Francisco Bay and the Campanile
Dramatic Sunset over San Francisco Bay and the Campanile
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UC Berkeley Forbids Solitary Outdoor Exercise to Fight COVID

Wesley J. Smith
arroba Email

The Party of Science strikes again. The loons who run U.C. Berkeley have told students who live in dorms that they are forbidden from outdoor exercise! From the San Francisco Chronicle story:

First reported by the Daily Californian, the self-sequester mandate for UC Berkeley students living in the dormitories, originally intended to end Monday, has been extended for another week, with stricter security measures in place to enforce quarantining.

Another new measure also in place: a ban on solitary outdoor exercise, which was not in place during the initial lockdown period. (Alameda County does not have this ban in place.)

Also, UC Berkeley cops in the dorms:

“We don’t wish for residents to be alarmed by this increased UCPD presence, but we must ensure the health of our community,” an email sent out to students reads. The email also notes that more university staff will be monitoring dorms, in addition to campus security officers.

Suddenly, the leftists like law enforcement and get-tough enforcement policies.

UC has essentially put all dorm students under house arrest:

The policies that remain in effect for students include not leaving their rooms unless it is to obtain a COVID-19 test or medical care (including mental health care), use the bathroom or grab food from the dining halls.

Students who violate these measures, the university says, may face the threat of suspension or removal from dorms.

Good grief.