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Jenner: Puberty Blocking ‘Proper Medical Treatment’

Wesley J. Smith
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Much has been made of Caitlyn Jenner opining that biological males who are transgender should not be allowed to compete in girl’s sports because it “isn’t fair.”

Under pressure from LGBT and other critics, Jenner softened the opinion in an interview, stating on Fox News that if the athlete “transitioned” early, it would be okay for trans girls to compete athletically against biologically born females. From the National Review report (my emphasis):

“What I would do as governor, I would put together a commission,” Jenner said. “Trans women compete in the Olympics, they compete in the NCAA, but when it gets down to the high school level, there’s no guide rules, there’s no rules and regulations how they can.”

“And trans women, who are truly trans, who at a very young age, you know, started proper medical treatment, they’ve grown up as girls, of course they should be able to compete in girls’ sports,” Jenner said. “But yes, some guy who hasn’t done any therapy, hasn’t done anything, there has to be a review board.

The big story here isn’t the backstepping, but Jenner’s clear approval of puberty blocking as “proper medical treatment”–because that is the only way a transgirl can transition “at a very young age.”

This is shameful. Oh, not the competition issue so much as Jenner’s clear support for puberty blocking — the “proper medical treatment” in the quote — which is the only way a trans girl can transition “at a very young age.”

Puberty-blocking/gender-affirming “treatments” should be branded unethical medical experimentation. They are done by injecting hormones and medications “off label” — i.e., not for the reasons approved by the FDA — with potential physical harm to the child. According to the U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, study evidence demonstrates “very low benefit” for blocking puberty and potential for great harm, which includes potentially irreversible adverse consequences such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, infertility, increased cancer risk, and thrombosis.

Children with gender dysphoria need to be protected from suffering the potentially permanent life-shattering consequences of “early” transitioning — vividly illustrated in a recent 60 Minutes report. By backing off a principled position to appease woke critics, Jenner made matters more fraught for these troubled youngsters.