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Definition of word euthanasia in dictionary
Definition of word euthanasia in dictionary

Study: Legalizing Assisted Suicide Is Associated with Increased Suicides

One of the more paradoxical claims by assisted-suicide promoters is that legalization will reduce “premature” deaths because seriously ill people who might otherwise end it all sooner will instead wait because release is available readily when they need it. Read More ›
Washington State Capitol Building
Washington State Capitol Building

Washington Bill to Let Non-Doctors Participate in Assisted Suicide

When selling the legalization of assisted suicide, activists always promise that strict guidelines will protect against abuse. Read More ›
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A concept based on the Canadian healthcare system.
A concept based on the Canadian healthcare system.

Reader’s Digest Canada Pushes Euthanasia, Ignores Hospice

The push is on in Canada to normalize euthanasia as the best way to die — to save money and emotional turmoil. How hard is the push? Reader’s Digest Canada — no less — has published a guide to end-of-life planning that pushes euthanasia and doesn’t even mention hospice. Read More ›
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Canadian Hospice to Be Shuttered for Refusing Euthanasia

I have written here before about Delta Hospice in British Columbia, which has been under unremitting pressure by the government of the province — including a funding cutoff — only because it refuses to participate in euthanasia. It is now being forced to lay off clinical workers and faces eviction. Read More ›
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The Euthanasia Cancer Spreads

The West is tearing itself apart. The symptoms are evident in our bitterly divided politics and the attempts to punish those with heterodox views. Read More ›