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European Court: Assisted Suicide Not a Human Right

Back in 1997, the euthanasia movement tried to gain an assisted-suicide Roe v. Wade. It didn’t work out. The Supreme Court instead ruled in Glucksberg v. Washington 9–0 that there is no constitutional right to assisted suicide. Now, some 27 years later, the European Court of Human Rights has issued a similar ruling. Read More ›
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Trump Is Wrong: Democrats Are Not “Against Religion,” Just the Free Exercise Thereof

I woke up this morning to the usual fury of CNN commentators denouncing Donald Trump. This time, it was because he claimed in a speech that Democrats are "against religion." I don't think one can credibly say that Democrats are "against religion." But I do think it is fair to say that the Democratic Party, writ large, opposes the free exercise of religion. Read More ›
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The Lancet: You Are ‘Hardly Human’ If You Don’t Believe in the International Community

The Lancet's editor in chief, Richard Horton, is furious at people who don't believe in the international community. The "system" is failing, he says — and it's the fault of evil right-wingers. Why, oh, why, Horton moans, are people so unwilling to docilely follow the lead of international institutions? Read More ›
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A New Medical Coalition Rebuts the Propriety of “Gender-Affirming Care”

A new American medical coalition — Doctors Protecting Children — has organized to fight back against the ideological thrall and to restore a more rational and efficacious standard of care for children. It has just issued the Doctors Protecting Children Declaration — authored by the American College of Pediatricians (not to be confused with the AAP) — setting forth specifics. Read More ›
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Euthanize Me, or I’ll Starve Myself to Death

In Canada, an autistic 27-year-old suicidal woman known as M.V. — whose judicially approved euthanasia was delayed until at least October by her father's claim that she does not qualify — is now starving herself to emotionally blackmail the court into allowing her to be killed expeditiously. Read More ›
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Fauci Tries to Distance Himself from Adviser but Co-Authored 40-Plus Papers with Him

I chuckled at how Dr. Anthony Fauci tried to distance himself in congressional testimony today from his long-time "senior adviser" David M. Morens — who apparently has stated in emails that he knew how to avoid FOIA requests. Morens wasn't just casually "helpful" to Fauci over the years in writing science papers, as his testimony seems to me to imply. Read More ›
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‘Tobacco-Free Generation’ Establishes Age-Based Ban on Sale of Tobacco — to Adults

I don't smoke, but I am wary of efforts to prevent other people from so doing. Now, blue cities — and soon states, most likely — have hit upon a way to ban smoking known as "Tobacco Free Generation" (TFG). Read More ›
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Too Many Climate Scientists Confuse ‘Science’ with Activism

Remember when a scientist admitted to removing nuance from a climate-change study because he believed that Nature would not publish it if he did not strictly follow the favored narrative of human-caused climate catastrophe? And now — perhaps in a reaction to that piece — Nature has published a cogent warning that too many scientists in the climate-change sector conflate "climate science" with "climate activism." Read More ›
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How Collins and Fauci Shattered Our Trust in Public Health

The Covid pandemic was devastating, not only for society generally, but also to the reputations of our once-trusted health agencies. Two of America's once-leading public-health officials bear great responsibility for this debacle — former National Institutes of Health (NIH) director Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci, who led the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases between 1984 and 2022. Read More ›
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Harvard Law to Teach Rights of Nature

The mainstreaming of the rights-of-nature movement is accelerating — to the point that it is deemed worthy of a class at Harvard Law and History Department. Opponents had better start passing laws federally and in each state preserving "rights" and legal standing strictly to the human realm (as Utah did recently). Read More ›