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The Problem with Shifting from ‘Evidence-Based’ to ‘Science-Based’ Medicine

We supposedly live in an era of “evidence-based medicine,” in which medical decisions are guided by the published data. But that approach is now being criticized because the “best evidence” is often in the eye of the beholder. Read More ›
A transgender flag being waved at LGBT gay pride march

Judicial Rationality: Court OKs Law Banning Transgender Puberty Blocking

In the end—as with so many of our societal controversies—the legal parameters of what constitutes acceptable treatment of these unfortunate gender-confused children will be another social hot potato decided by the nine justices of the Supreme Court. I’ll bet they can hardly wait. Read More ›
Teenager with a black board showing selection for gender identity pronouns - male, female and non-binary options

‘Gender Hybrid’ Children?

Gender ideology is growing increasingly extreme, particularly as it applies to children. Now, we are being told that children can identify as one gender on “top” and another on the “bottom,” or can be half boy and half girl. Read More ›
Definition of word euthanasia in dictionary

The Whispers of Strangers

Today is my 76th birthday," the letter began. "Unassisted and by my own free will, I have chosen to take my final passage." Suicide. My friend Frances died in a cold, impersonal hotel room after taking an overdose of sleeping pills, with a plastic bag tied over her head suffocating the life out of her body. Read More ›
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Asking Questions Demonstrates Human Exceptionalism

One of the unique attributes of humans is that we ask questions. Not just straightforward questions, like “What’s for dinner?” but deep questions, like “What is the meaning of life?”  Read More ›
A spectator waves a gay rainbow flag at an LGBT gay pride march in London

American Academy of Pediatrics Takes a Half Step Back from ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

Clearly, the science is not settled. That being so, the responsible approach for the AAP would have been to call for a moratorium on GAC pending further inquiries. But a half step is better than nothing. Read More ›

Scientists Are Close to Creating Human Embryos from Stem Cells

The “anything goes” ethical peril in biotechnology is real. The need for a serious discussion about this and other such experiments such as CRISPR germ-line genetic engineering is more urgent than ever. But I suspect the crickets will keep chirping. Read More ›
transgender flag hand
transgender flag in the palm of the hand.

The Patriarchy Doesn’t Hate Women but the Trans Movement Does

Let’s get real. While women do indeed still face obstacles to equal participation in society, the country has clearly chosen to embrace full female inclusion in every aspect of life. Indeed, the day when the late Phyllis Schlafly could successfully argue against the Equal Rights Amendment by claiming that women enjoy a “privileged place” in law and society as homemakers and mothers, is long gone. Read More ›